UPC Needs Volunteers!

UPC is looking for a few good voluntneers to help with the first Underground Publishers Convention in Phoenix!

We have a variety of duties we’ll be needing assistance with the upcoming weeks; some are as simple as grabbing a stack of posters and hanging them up at your favorite places, while others are more involved, like helping run the info table a couple of hours during the convention. Your involvement level is totally up to you and will be greatly appreciated!

Here’s a list of possible duties we need volunteers for:

Hanging UPC posters and distributing fliers
Calling around for food and other donations
Picking up food and other donations
Assistants in volunteer coordination
Helping tablers set up at the beginning of each convention day
Working the information table at the entrance
Helping workshop/panel leaders set up
Helping tablers clean up at the end of the day
Helping the main organizers with miscellaneous tasks during UPC

Please keep in mind, you don’t have to live locally to help out during the Underground Publishers Convention. Please email us at upcphx@gmail.com for info on volunteering!

If you live in Phoenix and would like to become more seriously involved with the UPC as a main organizer, we could really use you! For Realz!

We meet every Thursday evening at 7:30pm at Conspire Coffeeshop on the NE corner of 5th St. and Garfield in downtown Phoenix. We usually sit on the picnic benches out front or in the back of Conspire in the Anarchist Llibrary. Stop on by!

See you at the Underground Publishers Convention!


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