The UPC Benefit Show March 28th!

the UPC benefit Show Marc

Come out and help support Phoenix’s first and only zine and comic symposium! Donations of any amount accepted.
In order to raise some funds for the convention we are throwing a big ole’ party at Conspire Coffeeshop on 5th St. and Garfield in downtown Phoenix on March 28th at 8pm!
The event is featuring some musical performances by some great acts such as Male Pattern Radness and The Meat Department as well as readings from local and national authors.
Hosted by Jacki O.!!!!!!!!!
Donate $1, donate $10 or donate whatever!
We are having this show to raise money to help cover the operating costs of the convention (to be held on Apri 25 and 26 at Stinkweeds Record Exchange).  We are providing FREE admission to the convention. That’s right, we’re not taking a penny. All money made off table reservations is going directly back into the rental of the tables and equipment costs for the event. So, if you are feeling charitable and want some entertainment, come to this show and help us out.

If you have no money but still want to help we are always looking for volunteer help with the convention.
Come to our weekly organizers meeting at Conspire, every thursday evening at 7:30pm and help us put this thing on.
If you can’t make it to the weekly meetings, just shoot us an email at for info on how you can still help out.
Be part of Phoenix first annual zine and comic symposium!!!


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