UPC and The Real Coachella!!!

Hey! Great news. The Underground Publishers Convention is teaming up with awesome peeps putting on the Real Coachella at the Trunk Space on April 25th to put together an awesome day of zines and comics and a rad night of music and performance! All for a very, very low/non-existant price.

The Real Coachella

 The Real Coachella is a night of music and fun.  And there will be an Underground Publishers Convention stage! How cool is that?!??!
Doors will be open at 6pm! The entrance fee is $5 or only $1 if you wear a jungle or space themed costume (don’t ask).
If you register to table at the Underground Publishers Convention, you’ll get into this night for FREE!!! That’s right. Free entrance into a badass event/after party!!! So reserve your UPC table today (see post below on how to reserve a table)
The Trunk Space is located right next door to Phoenix’s favorite dive bar The Bikini Lounge, so UPC-goers and tablers will be splitting their time between The Bikini and the awesome shows at the Trunk Space on April 25th.
Come on down after the convention and be happy.
April 25th, 6pm!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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