UPC SkillShare Schedule:

Saturday April 25, 1:00-1:30pm

SkillShare #1
Skillshare topic : Common Bicycle Maintenance Issues / Fixing A Flat

Presented by : Patrick Leahy of Bike Saviours Bicycle Co-op

Our skill share is split into two sections. First, we want to give participants an overview of bike terms, and how to talk about their bicycle. We’ll review the anatomy of a common bicycle and discuss common problems associated with the components. Bearing looseness, out of true wheels, the importance of using lube, and a few other topics will be briefly discussed. In this way we hope to give novices an ability to talk about their bike and have a better understanding of how it functions.

The second half will be a basic overview of changing a flat tire. We’ll teach onlookers how to do that very basic piece of maintenance we all need to keep in mind. We’ll tell you what tools you should have and how to do it. Hopefully people will leave better empowered to ride, maintain, and engage in a loving, supportive relationship with their bikes.

We’ll also bring the usual supporting cast of flyers and information on safe riding, bicycle laws, etc.

Patrick Leahy is a member of Tempe’s Bike Saviours Bicycle Co-op and teaches classes on bike maintenance through the co-op.

Sunday April 26, 2:30-3pm

SkillShare #2
SkillShare Topic: Printing Zines for Virgins

Presented by: Nick Lehmans, founder of Hoozdo Magazine.

So you’ve BitTorrented Photoshop and/or In Design, figured your way around, and are ready to rock a blistering zine. If you’re a print virgin, however, you will more than likely fumble your way to a not totally satisfactory conclusion. First times tend to be like that.

This skillshare gives you a few tips on how to smoothly transition your masterpiece from a two-dimensional screen format to a three-dimensional object of love, in a few simple moves you can easily practice at home.

Nick Lehmans is an English ex-pat old punk transplanted to the Sonoran desert for reasons he neither knows nor understands. Background in music, arts, design and bunking off. Founded Hoozdo Magazine in 2006, mainly to demonstrate to friends laying around on couches all day complaining about ‘nothing happening in this town’ that any city, whatever size, has all the ingredients that make New York, Paris, London, interesting places to be.

All it takes is a little effort to seek it out – or even better, create it if it doesn’t already exist.

Sunday April 26, 1:00-1:30pm

SkillShare #3
SkillShare Topic: Brewing Your Own Beer

Presented by: The Bitches Brew Beer Collektive

There’s nothing quite like taking the first ice cold sip of a pale ale that you crafted at home! Do-it-Yourself homebrewing is a fun and easy thing to do. Make high quality brews at home without going broke and without supporting sexist, and unethical corporate beer companies. Homebrewing is cheap, fun, easy and exciting. Let us teach you how to do it on the cheap without sacrificing quality!

Bio: The Bitches Brew Beer Collektive is a DIY craft homebrewing collective that gets together to share brews, recipes, and brewing advice. Bitches Brew supports the DIY ethos and culture and loves to drink homebrew while hanging with friends on porches.

See you all there!!!


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