Thanks for coming out to the 2009 UPC!

We had a great turnout on both days despite the wind and sun.

And we’re already working on next years’ UPC!

Thanks to all those who tabled, presented skillshares and just plain showed up to see what all the fuss was about.

Thanks to the Phoenix New Times for their full coverage of the event.

Thanks to Stinkweeds Record Exchange for hosting the event as well as Red Hot Robot, Frances, and Halo!

Thanks to DJAnthonyHart for providing non-stop music during the event!

Thanks to That’s A Wrap and Phx Food-Not-Bombs for providing free food!

The New Times’ resident nerd girl, Wynter Holden, did a nice write up on the event as well, check it out: Up on the Sun “Bald Geeks & Beer Bitches at the Underground Publishing Convention”

AND We’ll let you know when we start meeting up again to plan 2010’s Underground Publishers Convention, we’d love to have you be involved!

Later taters!

The UPC organizers,

Jacki O., Brandon Huigens, Camilla O.


One comment

  1. Just wondering if there’s gonna be a UPC this year. If so, I know some people who’d be interested in getting a table together and I’d love to be a volunteer and help y’all with the event! I went last year and thought it was real cool. Hadn’t read any zines before that weekend, and now I’m working on one and contributing to other people’s zines, so yeah, I’d love to be a part of this thing (if its happening).


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