Announcing the 2013 UPC at Lawn Gnome Publishing

Another year, another zine fest!

Join us for the 4th Annual Underground Publishers Convention at downtown Phoenix’s small press hub Lawn Gnome Publishing on Saturday,  March 2, 2013 from 10AM to 1PM.

The Underground Publishers Convention is a small press/distro, zine and comics symposium held in Phoenix, Arizona.

This annual free festival features some of the best local and national underground publishers of zines, comics, magazines, and books, along with handcrafted DIY items, art, and local music.

The convention also presents Skill Share Sessions, where experienced and subversive authors, artists, and publishers will give brief how-to lessons on everything from self-publishing to brewing beer, making stencils, screenprinting, making public art in the community and more!

Lawn Gnome Publishing is a boutique publishing house dedicated to showcasing the work of first-time authors and talented local up-and-comers located at 905 North 5th Street in Phoenix’s SORO arts district.

email us at for info on volunteering, tabling, and attending.

More info and a flyer to come soon!


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