This Year’s UPC! March 2nd!

The Underground Publishers Convention is a small press/distro, zine and comics symposium held in Phoenix, Arizona.

✂ This annual free festival, going 4 years strong, features some of the best local and national underground publishers of zines, comics, magazines, and books, along with handcrafted DIY items, art, and local music. Trading of artwork and publications amongst exhibitors and attendees is strongly encouraged.

✂ 2013′s UPC event will be held at Lawn Gnome Publishing in Phoenix, Arizona on March 2, 2012 and will be a supplement to Art Detour and SXSR Music Fesitval.

☻ This year, we invite you to discover zines by:

Pool Boy Magazine
Joy Young
Brandon Huigens
Jeff Ralston
Aaron Johnson
Ryan Avery
The Cult of the Yellow Sign
Pages Per Content
Tempe Starving Artist
Christian Filardo
and more!

(Want your own zine table? We would love to have you! Email us at or

Other events going on concurrently with the UPC that weekend include:
☻ First Friday, March 1st, we will host a mail art and paper crafts exhibit inside the bookstore curated by Jo Novelli, Brian Harrison and Billie Speece. Submissions must be mailed out and received by February 20th to be included in the show.

Lawn Gnome Publishing
905 N 5th St
Phoenix, AZ 85004

25th Art Detour:

a weekend chock-full of arts related tours, exhibits and activities. The event is free and offers programming appropriate for all ages.

Activities include arts related tours, exhibits, hands-on kids’ activities (Kids’ Detour!), music and performance art, and much more.

♫ Live music will be provided by the South by South Roosevelt (SXSR)  music festival:

UPC is produced with the help of a dedicated team of volunteers, writers and artists along with local business support and Phoenix’s unique and talented arts communities. Email Lawn Gnome Publishing at or  if you would like to volunteer!


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