2015’s UPC is May 29th at Lawn Gnome Publishing


This annual free festival, going 6 years strong, features some of the best local and national underground publishers of zines, comics, magazines, and books, along with handcrafted DIY items, art, and local music. Trading of artwork and publications amongst exhibitors and attendees is strongly encouraged.

2015′s UPC event will be held on May 29th, from 7-10pm and will be a supplement to Phoenix Comicon.

This year’s UPC will be at NIGHT in the ALLEYWAY between 5th street and 6th street, Garfield and Roosevelt! That’s right, from 7-10 PM. Phoenix is hot. We do things at night now. 

Want your own zine table? We would love to have you! Email us at lawngnomepublishingATgmailDOTcom

Participants bring their own tables and chairs.

Have a workshop you would like to teach during the day? Email us at lawngnomepublishingATgmailDOTcom

This year’s zinesters include:

  • Pages per Content
  • The Paper Plane Zine
  • Tilt Magazine
  • Hush Baby
  • Drawn Gnome
  • Related Records
  • Later Operator
  • David Bessent
  • Daniel Lee Reisinger
  • Music and Poetry Performances by:
  • Shawnte Orion
  • Jesse Parent


Food Available for purchase from BANG BANG DUMPLINGS food truck!

See you May 29th!


2015’s UPC is sponsored by:

Lawn Gnome Publishing

(602) 682-5825


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