UPC 2016 is MAY 14th!


UPCPHX 2016 poster designed by artist Marna Kay!

2016’s UPC is Saturday May 14th from 8PM to 10PM and will be held in the alleyway between 5th St. and 6th St. and Roosevelt Row and Garfield Street, behind Lawn Gnome Publishing located at 905 N. 5th St. Phoenix, AZ 85004.

Admission is free!!!

UPCPHX is an annual small press, zine-fest, distro and DIY literature symposium held in Phoenix, Arizona. This event aims to encourage creative sharing among writers and artists and make a variety of literature accessible to more people.

This year’s event is organized with the help of Tempe’s Wasted Ink Zine Distro and Phoenix’s Lawn Gnome Publishing.



-Learn How To Use A Button Press

-Learn How To Use A Binder

and More!





Featured Zines & Distros:

-Drawn Gnome 2

-Blushing Soup Press

-The Katerpillar

-Rinky Dink

-Robert Isenberg

-Tommy Cannon

-Orbital Primeval

-Femme Fotale

-Art Problems

-The Klute

-PoolBoy Magazine

-Wasted Ink Distro


Admission to UPCPHX is free to the public! Come out Saturday night and buy some zines in an alley in downtown Phoenix!

See you May 14th!




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