About The UPC

The Underground Publishers Convention is a small press/distro,  zine-fest and comics symposium held in Phoenix, Arizona.

This annual free festival features some of the best local and national underground publishers of zines, comics, magazines, and books, along with handcrafted DIY items and art.

The convention also presents Skill Share Sessions, where experienced and subversive authors, artists, and publishers will give brief how-to lessons on everything from self-publishing to brewing beer, making stencils, screenprinting, making public art in the community and more!

UPC focuses exclusively on underground, independent, and small press comix and zines publishers and creators.

Come join us for an evening of zines, comics, skillshares, music, food, DIY art and crafts, and fun. Admission is FREE to the public.  Trading of artwork and publications amongst exhibitors and attendees is strongly encouraged.

Please visit our Table page for information on signing up to exhibit your work at the next UPC.

Contact us at upcphxATgmailDOTcom or lawngnomepublishingATgmailDOTcom for more information.

UPC is produced with the help of a dedicated team of volunteers, writers and artists along with local business  support and Phoenix’s unique and talented arts communities. Email us if you’d like to volunteer and help organize the UPC.


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